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Lakshman Srikanth D

Founder - Full Stack Developer at Gavista
Entrepreneurship Startups Management PHP Python MySQL HTML JS

Lakshman Srikanth is candid, sociable, ever enthusiastic and full of initiative. His confidence and composure is awe inspiring to say the least and you'll never find him compromising on his core beliefs. He is the heart and soul of Gavista's Software-development, Marketing-Sales & Business

What our Super stud developers say ?


Android Developer Intern (June 2015)
AndroidStudio WebView Exception Handling

Before I joined Gavista, I had looked at Android development in a very different way, in a very "not positive" way. I felt Android programming was insane, meant for nerds, etc etc. It was an excuse not to code. But once I started diving deep into the subject, I fell in love with it. I'd thank Sir for giving me a project in the domain I hated the most. I learnt a lot in two months, enough to build android apps on my own. I worked on the LegalCrystal app on which I spent three sleepless nights, hungry to learn more, get the best out of my vacays. Yes, in the end, it worked fine. "If you really are passionate about working on something, then, we can sleep after we die" -- Something I learnt in those two months(a wise guy's quote). There were times when I found a few things tough. But, with Sir's advice and his helping nature, I got through those hurdles I encountered while developing the app. Overall, I enjoyed working at Gavista, I made new friends. Friends I already knew became best friends. I felt like a Troglodyte! With my laptop, a few packets of biscuits and chips and especially the ambiance; time just flew. Two months passed by in a flash. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity, Sir. I learnt so much in two months that I'd learn in a year!(Yes, I'm extremely lazy, but I'd always love to learn more)

Shreyas R Karthik

Web Developer Intern (June 2015)

I have got to admit that working in Gavista as an intern has definitely given me a great exposure towards new and emerging technologies,I have learnt many useful things from the interview to the last day of work. It has been a fun yet informative ride and certainly was an experience. Learning something apart from the syllabus was both fun and enlightening. Finally, I would like to thank Lakshman for his composure, motivation without whom none of this would have been possible.

Rachana U

Web Developer Intern (2015)

It was a great experience, working as an intern at Gavista Tech. My exposure to technology has increased by great bounds. It has enhanced my problem solving abilities and overall it was a great environment to work in!

Rachana N

Analyst (2015)
SWOT Analysis

Working as an intern in Gavista Tech is the best thing I did in holidays where the environment is so much fun and educative. We get so much to know apart from our syllabus and it would'nt have been possible without you Lakshman!. Learning things was so much rejoicing. Thank you for all the patience and co-operation.

Saiteja T

Web Developer Intern (2015)
CakePHP MySQL Jquery

It was a great experience working as an intern at GavistaTech. I think it was the best way of learning new things and trying them out without the stress of exams or the pressure from superior officials, because you were cool and helped us without getting irritated by our stupid doubts. If it were not your patience and support, the fun-learning experience wouldn't have been possible. Thank you Lakshman!

Sameera SY

Web Developer Intern (2015)
Python Selenium PhantomJS BeautifulSoup

The best part about doing an internship is about learning stuff which we will never learn in our syllabus. Actually it is very tough for VTU students who have never touched subjects like Python, Ajax. Lakshman is a mentor who made it possible. He's been the best coach. I really enjoyed a lot coding at Gavista. Although I had very less time, he offered me the internship and made me learn a lot. Thanks a lot Lakshman! LegalCrystal just rocks!

Vishwas S R

Front-end Developer Intern (2013)
Html5 CSS Photoshop

Working at Gavista tech. as an intern is the best thing i did during my holidays. Just loved working on new css frameworks! Apart from just learning and implementing amazing stuff, I met really nice people here, and have become good friends. Speaking of lakshman, my first boss, is a fantastic person and now is a very good friend! Thanks to him, I was able to learn awesome things without having the constant fear of getting fired if things go wrong or anything of that sort, which gave me the right push that I needed! He appreciated and helped me in every way possible, until we arrived at the right results. Thanks for his patience and super friendliness, I have learnt a lot! I would like to thank my friend Amogh for referring me to lakshman, without whom, this wouldnt be possible.

Amogh Venkatesh

Web Developer - Intern (2013)

Joining Gavista as an intern was the most productive and enterprising thing I have done during my holidays. I interned as a web designer and worked on PHP and also learnt a lot about Apache-Server. It was really an unique experience I have had. I also got to meet new people and work as a team. Lakshman was more like a friend to me than an employer. He has helped me to learn a lot about cutting edge technologies and inspired the entrepreneur in me.

Srinidhi Kaushik

Web Developer – Intern (2013)
Selenium Python MySQL

Joining Gavista Tech. and working as an intern is one of the coolest things I did in my holidays. I was exposed to a whole new realm of technology, with respect to the Internet. It's an array of endless possibilities and thanks to the work I did here, I was lucky enough to grasp some of it. I mainly worked on crawling, and databases. Everything was done in Python (using Selenium Webdriver, BeautifulSoup, MySQLdb for database connectivity). Working here was fun! I made a few really interesting friends here. Initially when I joined here as an intern, I was skeptical about adapting and getting things done. But actually, things turned out fine and all thanks to Lakshman! Interns here not rushed into finishing their work because Gavista goes easy on deadlines. I was encourged to explore different methods to solve problems, instead of giving up or settling for something less. On a few weekends, small workshops were held to make us aware new technologies. There was also a short trip we took to Chintamani, a very pleasant experience worth remembering and finally, I would like to thank Krishna Bharadwaj. He referred me to Lakshman, without whom this wouldn't be possible.

Varsha Varadarajan

Web Developer – Intern (2013)
Git JQuery PHP MySQL

Working in Gavista has been a very enriching experience, having learnt a lot about web programming and scripting languages from scratch. Apart from the work assigned to me, what made it more enjoyable were the few friends I made while I was there. The trip to Chintamani was unforgettable. It was undoubtedly the best trip I had in the holidays. Lakshman is firstly a friend and then a boss. His determination and perseverance has been very inspiring. So, all the best for your future endeavours and I hope you succeed in all of them.

Yamuna BS

Web Developer – Intern (2013)

Working at Gavista Tech was really a wonderful experience which I will always cherish. I would say, its definitely an ideal place for students to spend their term holidays. The internship was filled with lots of learning, and the best part was that we had equal amount of fun, which is one basic element every student wishes for, during their holidays. The internship helped me to learn so many things that I had never thought of and, all in a very short period of time. All tasks seemed to be very hard when they were initially assigned to me but after constantly studying about them for about day or so I gained enough knowledge and confidence to complete them. The process helped me to realize my abilities and boosted my confidence to achieve anything. In fact I started spending maximum amount of time in a day in front of the computer which I never did before. Lakshman, your friendly nature and the amount of freedom you gave us made us feel very comfortable working at Gavista. The brainstorming sessions which we had about the business and the technology were very informative. And I must thank you for taking us for an outing, it was one of the best experiences I had to go trekking with our team. The whole outing was very well organized and we enjoyed it a lot. I am very glad that I met a person like you and wish to always keep in touch. Lastly I would like thank my senior Shobitha Shetty for informing me about Gavista and Lakshman for providing me an opportunity to work there.

Varsha Aggarwal

Web Developer – Intern (2013)

It was a great opportunity for a fresher like me to get exposed to the field in which i’m going to work after i complete engineering. These two months of my internship has made me more confident about my concepts and my knowledge has grown tremendously. I have learnt to work in a team and to retry patiently to rectify errors. Lakshman ,you were a great mentor for guiding us and your friendly behaviour encouraged us. Environment in Gavista was so awesome that we were left to do whatever we want if we had the responsibility to complete our work. The trip was an amazing experience and will be a long lasting memory. I personally don’t feel that anything has to be changed or rectified. I wouldn’t have expected a better place to do my internship."

Neetish Bhat

Web Developer – Intern (2013)

Without a doubt, the two aspects I enjoyed most about my Internship with Gavista-Tech were the people I met and the overall learning experience. I gained invaluable insight into Search engine development. I hardly knew anything about it before. As days passed by , I began to gain confidence and that reflected in my work, attitude and on the assurance side, It felt like my work and opinions were valued. It provided me a platform where I could share my Ideas, thoughts etc and accordingly I would soon realize the pros and cos of it there by gaining great hands-on experience. I loved coding but not the Documentation!, but Lakshman made me realize that documentation was important. I also enjoyed those brain storming sessions, it was really helpful. Interning at Gavista Tech has helped me in my coding skills, I feel I have become more passionate towards technology. For all this to happen, its really important to have a positive environment, and I think Lakshman was really supportive of all of us as an Ally, Guide and a Chief Mentor. I Thank him for all the support and his encouraging words. All in all, it was a thoroughly fulfilling experience.

Puneeth P

Web Developer – Intern (2013)

Before coming to Gavista , I did not have confidence in my coding skills and ability to work in the software industry.But now I am. Interning here really boosted my confidence. It was fun working there especially with other interns from the same college, the environment was great and the important thing is that you were always approachable and there were no deadly pressures and deadlines. Really hard to believe that I worked for one and half months. From personal point of view, I won’t take any risks in my life. I always play safe. But after seeing you, the courage you had to open a start up at age of 21 and the way you present the product… Hats off!! I would have got same work experience in other companies too, but this thing to have courage and move ahead in life attitude, take risks,etc. I could get only in Gavista and Lakshman you are more of a friend than a boss or mentor at Gavista. Miss You! Thanks for the trip to Chintamani. It was really so sweet of you to take us there. Really it was a great experience of trekking . Had a great time with everyone! and I am really sorry that I downloaded three movies(torrent). Just kidding.. I know you won’t take it seriously.

Supriya Anand

Web Developer – Intern (2012)

Interning with Gavista Tech was an enriching experience and definitely an eye opener to various technologies used in today's corporate world. This opportunity pushed me to explore my potential and come up with feasible solutions in a short period of time. Though the internship lasted only for a month, the learning curve was definitely steep and gave me a strong foothold into the concepts/technologies used to develop the application. Brainstorming with fellow interns and Lakshman threw up a lot of interesting ideas that we could implement and enhance the application with. I would definitely recommend an internship with Gavista Tech and would like to thank Mr Srikanth for a truly amazing and enriching experience.

Sneha Srinivasan

Web Developer – Intern (2012)

Even though the duration of our internship was very constricted and short,the amount of knowledge to take back was a lot. There was something new to learn about everyday and the very process of continuous learning was very helpful. It was refreshing to start everyday with something to look forward to. In totality,it was an interesting experience and gave us more to take back. I had a nice experience to take away with me and i would definitely recommend my juniors and peers to come work here and share the same.

Sushma S

Web Developer – Intern (2012)

It was a wonderful experience working in your company. I had a great learning opportunity. My work involved working on the user interface and the backend cakephp script(which i was completely new to).I got to learn a lot of new things. I got to understand the huge gap between the college life and working in a company .As this is my first experience in a company ,and it being a start up, helped me a lot ,because there was a free interaction and i could always approach you when in doubt. I am thankful to you for considering us in the decision making and helping us when we faced problems in the coding. It was challenging for me to balance between with the college studies and work. Overall it was an awesome time working for you.I am grateful to you for allowing us to intern in your company.

Shobitha Shetty

Python Developer – Intern (June 2012)
Python MySQL

Working at Gavista was really a great experience for me. Feels good to actually code and develop a product which will be useful to people sometime later rather than work on a project in college just to end up presenting to some externals who don't even realize what it is. I got an opportunity to learn a lot of things in python. I had never given a thought about how a website can be parsed and that the libraries in python would make the work easier. Yes, definitely I could see an improvement in my coding standards. Working on daily cause list and at last moment, on alerts was great. In between for some days the work load was more, but realizing that we were working only for a month, it was unavoidable. Few brainstorming sessions for coming up with some simple algorithm was good. Thank you for those sessions. Other than that interning at gavista was a wonderful experience. Last but not the least, I want to thank Lakshman for providing this opportunity for internship, for sharing with us his views and guiding us. Thanks again

Payal Jain

Python Developer – Intern (June 2012)
Python MySQL

The main aim that I had before joining, was to learn as much as possible and get the exposure of a real time project. This seem to be fulfilled to quite an extent. Noticed an improvement in coding skills too. But probably should have given equal importance to maximum optimization as well, as this is usually the major requirement. Working in “Gavista tech” was extremely good. It gave us a platform wherein we were free to give our own ideas and work accordingly after getting it reviewed. I wanted to intern at a start-up and so did my family. And now at the end of one month, I can say that joining “Gavista” was not a regression at all. Inspite of the work pressure, we enjoyed working. Everything was good. Last but not the least, want to thank Lakshman for his constant approach and guidance.

Rajini V

Web Developer – Intern (June 2012)
CakePHP MYSQL JavaScript Ajax SMS API

My experience as an intern in Gavista Tech fulfilled almost all the expectations that i had before coming here. Had always wanted to work on some real time project because only such a project can give the real essence. I am realizing the improvement in my coding skills and logical thinking. Constant fluctuations in the methodology was troublesome at times, but might be that's the way it is. Am extremely thankful to the team for giving me this opportunity

Sangeetha Raj

Web Developer – Intern (June 2012)
CakePHP MySQL Ajax

My experience working as an intern was really great and helpful, exposure towards product enhancement was great, got an opportunity to learn many new concepts, which will be helpful in the future. Working in a start up gave an opportunity to implement my ideas, each were given equal importance and attention which was a good part. At times it was too much to take because of fluctuation in work, I understand this is one of the challenges of working in a start-up. I'm grateful to Lakshman for giving me an opportunity to work as an intern.

Shashank Shekhar

Web Developer – Intern (June 2012)
CakePHP MYSQL JavaScript Ajax

It was overall a good experience working at Gavista tech. Initially found bit difficult but with time got adjusted with it. Got to learn a lot coming here.Became self dependent,gained lots of self confidence. The work place,work environment everything was good. Hope the knowledge and experience gained here will help me in my future.

Surabhi Gupta

Web Developer – Intern (June 2012)
CakePHP MySQL Javascript Ajax

It was really a nice experience working in Gavista Tech. My only aim was learning something new and productive when i planned to join and that is done, along with it I also came to know the differences in development and marketing. Also learned to take up challenges. At the beginnning, I was a little slow. But later, i improved myself and i hope I have met the expectations. Interacting with one of your advisors Rekha Prasad was helpful as she told things, through which i got more information about law and also how the project is viewed at a different angle by the users. Session held by Badrinath DN about the “Software Industry & Placements” was good and helpful. Learnt a lot about processes and standards in companies. Thank you Lakshman for arranging it! Overall, this internship was really helpfull. I really like your communication skills and the hardwork which you put into this company

Abhilash K R

Software Developer – Intern (June 2011)
Information Retrieval system

I had a great experience working at Gavista Tech . Backed by the strong Leadership of Mr Lakshman Srikanth, Gavista Tech is a great place to work which encourages Innovation combined with strong emphasis on writing high quality code. As the company’s mission says, I truly felt that I was on a mission that fostered Innovation, during my Internship. The enthusiasm to come up with new ideas and build products with great design makes Gavista Tech a truly “one-must-work” technology company

Akarsh E.S

Python Developer – Intern (2011)
Python PHP MySQL

I had a great experience working at GAViSTA TECH. Working for a startup sure has an advantage. Every day at work had a new challenge calling. It was a great working experience and more importantly a learning experience. Working for a startup gives you the opportunity to express your views and code in your own style. I would recommend anyone who has a thing for learning and taking on challenges head on to join the team. Let curiosity lead your way.

Pavan Sudheendra

Web Developer – Intern (2011)

It was a really good experience working with Lakshman being chief mentor and I finally realize that its not easy working for a start up . Initially it was really crazy, the first two weeks wherein i was struggling to pick up the pace and gradually it was fine . I realize I did not actually complete my assignments on time since i took more time to finish them but in the end I should have completed more assignments than what I actually did . I feel interns should work in these kind of start ups because they get to learn a lot . Like how things actually fit in, how a company is being run, and more importantly how to solve problems . That’s the main stuff . In the end I’m actually quite happy I ended up here and hopefully this will help me in the future . Thank you

Adarsh Patil

Web Developer – Intern (2010)

Their product LegalCrystal has a great market scope.The product basically provides an easy to use/search interface for lawyers, which can revolutionize the entire law system by digitizing it and would reduce the time taken for look-up of any judgement. Coming to my experience at GAViSTA TECH, it was an amazing journey right from the start. I was introduced to a host of new technologies like PHP frameworks and search tools. This gave me an avenue for practically implementing my theoretical knowledge.The product was at its first phase release and public launch at around the same time I joined which gave me an opportunity to visit our High Court at Bangalore. The work environment is very friendly, cordial and we had a lot of healthy debates and brain storming sessions to incite new ideas on improving the product and look for new avenues in upcoming technology where there is scope of expansion.The company is managed by capable and technically sound people who have the courage to experiment and the attitude to never give up.I am sure the company will scale great heights in coming days and wish them success in their future endevours.

Narayana Swamy

Web Developer – Intern (2010)

I must confess that my internship (Aug-Nov 2010) at GAViSTA TECH was awesome. My work at GAViSTA TECH involved a lot of data access via web.Therefore I had a good hands on experience on working on database/data warehousing/Web technologies. Work culture and environment at GAViSTA TECH is excellent and always open to novel/challenging ideas and the learning curve during my internship was excellent. I am very thankful to them for providing me an opportunity to work with them. I wish the team all the very best for their future en-devours and hope to see them come out with successful products

Krishna S

Web Developer – Intern (2010)

I worked in GAViSTA TECH as an intern for 5 months. This was a learning period for me. I came to know the gap between college and professional life. As this is a startup company I learned a lot on how a company works, how a product has to be marketed and all about the functioning of a company. Lakshman helped me a lot by guiding me on how I have to work and what is my functionality in the company. Overall it has been a very good experience working in GAViSTA TECH

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