Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) Software Development Kit (SDK) is famous due to its unique yet compelling application features as the exclusive components for mobile devices. This SDK has literally eased the technology usage experiences nowadays. It is thus unique service on various grounds. Highly professional developers are involved to make the best usage of such unique applications on multiple stages and platforms.

This service is therefore often considered as an all-in-one support marker for those in the marker-less tracking besides specific location finding needs amongst others. It has indeed become a highly popular one amongst the array of users nowadays.

As a SDK, AR is known for its high speed features besides several other associated applications even in the small data sizes yet perfectly compatible to go with both iOS and Android besides facilitating the Unity plugins to the maximum extent possible. Furthermore, its hardware agnostic algorithm is compatible enough to be used in the diverse options so hardly there remains any need of additional constraints. That is why there is no limitation for its usage with mere latest mobile devices only. One has the option to explore it on all types of devices.

Being a professional solutions provider in the market today, our skilled workforce team is known for providing complete solutions sought. We have an all-inclusive solution that suits to the respective requirements to the best extent possible in whatever platform one wants to use. AR is one such solution from our end which should not be confused with the Virtual Reality (VR) solutions. It must be evaluated and understood as a separate entity. The simple logic is that through AR one definitely enjoys the greater degree of real-world environment interactive experience.

It is mandatory to understand and judge how such benefits can be availed in one go. Logically, it becomes possible through computer generated perceptual information augmentation or "augmented" information which best describes its roles.

Features of HiringGavista for Augmented Reality Solutions

  • Professional Augmented Reality solutions across multiple sensory modalities
  • Involving skilled professionals for genuine visual to auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory solutions
  • Seamlessly interwoven Augmented Reality outcomes
  • Bringing out best of the mixed reality to computer-mediated reality solutions
  • Easing the usage of digital world in the laymen’s perception

What Turns Augmented Reality So Much Popular?

Augmented Reality must be carefully assessed in its perceptive primary value of an augmented reality that how a personal real world perception and digital world’s components are truly perceived while integrated. In the general context though, it is best understood as the functional AR which offers a typical mixed reality experience. Indeed, AR experiences in the entertainment & gaming businesses had been the attraction of sorts in the early stages itself. Such impacts are still witnessed.

AR is Widely Known for the Following Unique Features

Effective Knowledge Management Resource

An ultimate option for knowledge sharing as well as educational tool, AR is considered perfect Knowledge Management solution to manage the variegated information sources in one go. In fact, its role in bringing ample transformation in the world of education is considered paramount.

Mobile Compatible Content Viewing

Unique concept of its kind, AR eases mobile compatible content accessibilities through providing the multilayered viewing options from the total scans to image viewing in all sorts of mobile devices with ease. It remains a big respite as the perfect mobile based content viewing solution.

Offers Perceptually Enriched Experience

AR is equally known for its additional features especially providing genuine option to bring vast natural environment or the situation enhancements for perceptually enriched viewing experience in its capacity. Thus, object recognition through the digital information sources become one of the best mesmerizing as well as interactive experiences due to the real sensed feel in the measured information contexts.

Tacit Knowledge Propagator

With its unique potentialities to bring many newer avenues, AR is equally known for being the great source to share a tacit knowledge due to the augmentation techniques’ application. At times its benefits are usually perceived in the context of combining certain benefits of AR like the augmented reality technology and the heads up display technology (HUD) combinations.

Why to Outsource to a Gavista Tech?

To bring out the best from the AR services SDK, the ardent need is to approach only skilled teams who can guarantee for an ultimate solution to truly work. Being an expert team, our solutions remain all-inclusive, professional and well-organized with the best technology/hardware combining with supplementary technical resources.

AR has been maintaining such distinction nowadays with its unaccountable features that help to maintain distinction. Being a typical tracking solution with the mobile supports, networking as well as mobile augmented reality applications, there is an ardent need is to involve experts for genuine Software to algorithms based solutions. Experts at Gavista provide customized solutions to bring genuine result. It can’t be expected from the laymen team thus involving professional companies is always encouraged.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Gavista

  • Guarantee for the realistically integrated augmentation solutions
  • Bringing maximum flexibility in both usage and services sought
  • Professional excellence to guaranteed instant technical support
  • Comparatively cost effective solutions
  • Thorough yet focused technical support
  • Easy access to the skilled resources

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